River Works is a specialized construction firm with expertise in Stream Restoration and Wetland Mitigation. 

Since its inception in 2003, River Works has become a premier contractor in North Carolina and throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, and Rocky Mountain areas of the U.S. Other services we provide are Storm Water ManagementVegetative ManagementDam Removal, and Living Shorelines. Some of our featured projects can be reviewed here or by clicking any highlighted service area you are interested in. 

Our leadership team has over 90 years of extensive experience in project planning, design, and construction.

River Works has re-established the structure and function of ecosystems in over 95 miles of stream and 2,866 acres of wetlands including 57 design build projects since 2003. Project highlights include constructing one of the largest stream and wetland restoration projects ever built in the eastern United States – over 6 miles of new channel in a low gradient valley and 430 acres of adjacent wetlands. The company has also built streams in areas as diverse as highly urban environments and university campuses. We have restored steep gradient streams, gravel/cobble bed streams, and sand bed streams. River Works equipment operators are trained to grade stream channels that vary in width, depth, and slope as the channel meanders through the valley. 

We are a devoted and trusted partner... 

to federal, state, and local government agencies, mitigation bankers, full delivery providers, and engineering design firms.  To our diverse client base, we bring unique expertise, industry knowledge, and specialized equipment to complete the most challenging restoration projects on time and in budget.

River Works Mission

River Works seeks to enrich the quality of people’s lives by delivering superior value through high quality and affordable services while building a better environment.

River Works Values

Perseverance – We persevere through all situations and seasons by working hard, exercising sound judgment, and being a good steward of our and our customer’s resources.

Accountability – We create an entrepreneurial culture that empowers employees to take personal responsibility and share in the rewards of being part of River Works.

Respect – We build integrity by practicing mutual respect and trust towards all people to foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Family – We believe in family as the core foundation of our society and we promote strong families in our business practices.

Faith – We seek to serve God, as ‘People of the Way’, in all our endeavors as a company.

Safety – We value safety of our team first as we work to build a better environment.